quarta-feira, 6 de julho de 2011

Mais comentários.. sobre a entrevista de Kash:

• It's very great! I loved it ˘.˘ <3 Thank You kashinterwie2 ! I want to believe in myself . We will never forget his music and life!
QueenFantom7 14 horas atrás
• Isthis
MrRenealexis 17 horas atrás
• Very grateful. Wish the wording didn't move so fast and was easier to read.
pjheath5 22 horas atrás
• We are grateful to Kash and Jer for their constant participation, respect, and grace. Many thanks to Brazilian people for recognizing genius and showing their appreciation in full to the greatest composer/performer in the history of mankind. Kash and Jer are True Royalty.....True Royalty...living examples of Zoroastrianism's most sacred principles: Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds.
jkws 1 dia atrás
• Thank you for this interview. I have to admit, though, I was very emotional watching it. I have a difficult time when having to confront the reality that Freddie is gone. When I see his family, it makes me just weep for them. I weep for myself. I love Freddie with a passion and listen to his music every single day. I have a beautiful tattoo of him on my leg. I try drawing him constantly. Freddie is unforgettable. He was a stunning beauty and a musical genius. "There Can Be Only One".
MsMercuryrising 1 dia atrás

Hello Lady Taylor, Wow! we've just taken a look at your great blog! Congrats! Can we post the link in the blog of the Queen Fan Club Mexico for the fans here to visit it? They'll surely enjoy your visit to Feltham , Garden Lodge, etc. Thank you very much! Regardds from Mexico City! p.s. Although we can't speak Portuguese the vids and pics help a lot and they're quite inetersting! :-)

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