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LT=We would like to thank you so very much for agreeing to take the time to share some of your memories of Freddie with us. He was a really special person who touched and transformed the lives of so many around the world and the fans who loved and adored him (as well as the new fans who are just discovering his work) always want to know more about the person responsible for so many wonderful songs. As you may know, Freddie and QUEEN had a great following here in Brazil and there are still many loyal fans who will always keep his memory alive.

K= Anyway here are the answers for some of the questions we preferred to reply for the Brazil fans.

1. You and Freddie were not actually raised together with his studying in a boarding school in India. Can you please tell us what your first memories of him were? And what was your relationship like when you moved to England?

K=) My memories of Freddie in Zanzibar are quite sketchy - because I was very young then and the fact he only came home on holidays
every other year. I will always remember how generous he was with his presents to me and mum - and I did not realize then that
he would have to save his pocket money to get the presents. I still have two of the presents - as a little girl they were the most
beautiful and expensive things anybody had ever given to me. That showed me even though we did not grow up together like most
families - my brother cared and thought of me all those miles away from home. We did not play together a lot because he was at
the boarding school from the age of 8 years and I was 2 years. Then Freddie came home for holidays when he was 12 years and I was
6 years - so I did not get to know Freddie till then.
When we arrived in England we both had to adapt to this new country very quickly. We both had to get on with our studies like
most families. Freddie was always very kind to me and I did get away with things as his little 'sis'. We helped each other just like any other brother and sister. Then when he became famous - he carried on with his care and affection by spoiling me, mum and dad with his generosity.

2. It has been mentioned that Freddie was quite shy, very very different from his stage persona. What was he like at home around his family? Did his behaviour change after he got “fame, fortune and everything that goes with it...”?

K=) He was just like another family member - very thoughtful, loving and respectful.

3. Several people who were close to Freddie have mentioned his immense generosity. Can you please tell us more about him as a person, son, brother and friend:
K= Freddie was a very generous person. He used to say that God has given me wealth and I like to share.

4. Please tell us your perception and opinion about the changes which occurred in Freddie’s life from a shy young boy to a superstar.

K= Even as a young boy he wanted to show his talent and that to perfection. As his sister I just left him to pursue his career after he finished at college and got his qualifications - and I was equally busy getting on with my life. Now and again he would let us know where he would be gigging at local colleges/halls and we (my boyfriend & I) would go to see the group. Sometimes the equipment would fail to work properly and Freddie would apologize to the student audience - because they did not have any roadies running around to fix it until they became superstars. Then after the show there were no back stage rooms so they would use a class room as their changing room and share the nights proceed in cash. All this of course changed when they became famous and the rest is history as they say. These kind of memories makes me smile when I think of them - we were all so innocent then. Freddie still remained himself to us - his family, as he always was. He was a superstar to the world but his fame and fortune did not change him as a son/brother.

5. Please tell us how would you explain the fact that even after almost 20 years of his death Freddie’s music and image are still so present in the music scene and he is adored by youngsters who weren’t even born when he passed away?

K= Freddie's music, his voice and stage performance was so unusual that people will always remember for many, many years.
The other thing Freddie was very good at was changing with time - that is he did not keep to the same style over the years and therefore did not become dated. He tried to keep it fresh and up to date - with his music/fashion and sometimes ahead of the present time - e.g. his solo album 'Barcelona' - he mixed rock with opera - for which he was ridiculed by the media and his album did not do too well - but now it is quite acceptable and thought of as very clever.

6. Did Freddie have any superstition, habit or fear?

7. To your knowledge did Freddie have any plans, goals or wishes which he was unable to make come true?
K= Freddie lived for the day.

8. Freddie left a message in the song “The show must go on” telling us to go on with the show. In your opinion, should QUEEN continue to exist without Freddie with or without a new lead singer? Do you think that Freddie would have approved it if the band went on without him?
K=) "The Show Must Go On" - that is right in mum's opinion. She says " my Freddie would have approved fully of Queen continuing."
Not necessarily a permanent lead singer but as guests and to include female singers. If you have seen the musical "We Will Rock You" you will know what I mean

09. In 2011 Freddie would have been 65 years old. How do you imagine his life would be like if he was still with us. How would he like to celebrate it? Do you think he would still be involved in music and going on stage like other artists from his generation (as Roger and Brian)?
K= We wish he was still with us and that we all will be celebrating with parties, music and all that he loved.
He once told me that when he is older he won't be prancing about the stage in case he fell and looked an idiot - maybe do more producing and writing songs. We will never know.

10. Have you or your mother read any of the books published about Freddie’s life? If so, do you have any comments about them?
K= Mum says - she has read most of the books and no comments. I have not read a complete book yet.

11. In the book “Freddie Mercury: A life in his own words” Freddie states the following: “I wonder what my mother thinks when she sees pictures of me on stage with those costumes and make up. She and my father have never said anything about it.” Please tell us: how did you fell about all that?
K= Mum says - she felt it was theatrical work and therefore respected what he did.

12. You have once said that when you saw him on stage it was like seeing another person. What were the main differences between the rock star and the man himself.:
K= The rock star was doing his job - i.e. an entertainer and the man himself was a private and generous person as mentioned before.

13. Knowing Freddie as well as you did, why do you think he waited until the very end to share the news of his illness with the fans and the world?
K= He wanted to protect his family and friends from the media world.

14. Are you and your mother engaged with any fund or trust which deals with AIDS (such as the Mercury Phoenix Trust)?

15. You have experienced the dark ages of the fight against AIDS, the prejudice and fear it involves and the pain of losing a loved one to the disease. What, if any, is the message you could give to the families who have a loved one infected with HIV?
K= Be positive, never give up hope and treasure the lovely memories. People are more educated now and so more aware.

16. In your opinion, which of Freddie’s songs reflects the real man behind its creation?
K= Too many songs to list - but his passion was in opera towards the end - e.g. his solo album Barcelona / some of the songs in the Innuendo album and of course his famous song 'Bohemian Rhapsody' which was ahead of its time.
Also the very last album - Made In Heaven - his voice is superb and strong - knowing he did not have long to go he gave it his all. Try listening to - A Winter's Tale - and lots more.

17. Please leave a message to the millions of Freddie’s fans here in Brazil and around the world.:

K= Believe in yourself and never give up your dreams - if you have failed - try again and again just like Freddie did.

Hope this is ok and helpful.

idealization: Lady taylor
creation and development issues:Lady Taylor and QueenBrazil team
advice: A.H Selligman
Translation: Cleide Fernandes and Queenie Ana Paula
support: Lucas Marques
Special Thanks: Phil Symes for help and constant attention

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